Bamberg embarrassing neck court order

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Sheet 40 v from Bambergensis

The Bamberg embarrassing neck court order (also called Bambergensis ) was a 1507 by Johann Freiherr zu Schwarzenberg on behalf of his bishop Georg III. Schenk von Limpurg drafted the neck court order for Bamberg . It was published by Hans Pfeil in 1507 and, in addition to substantive criminal law, also regulated procedural law for Bamberg, with the embarrassing questioning to obtain confessions being a constitutive element. The Latin name of the court system is Constitutio Criminalis Bambergensis .

It is shaped by the ideas of Italian law schools ( Roman law ) and was the basis for the later Constitutio Criminalis Carolina of Emperor Charles V , which was passed in 1530 at the Augsburg Reichstag and ratified two years later in 1532 at the Reichstag in Regensburg .

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