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Constitutio Criminalis Carolina (printed edition 1577)
Emperor Charles V issues the Constitutio Criminalis Carolina .
Elector Johann Friedrich, portrayed by Lucas Cranach the Elder
Johann Friedrich I becomes
Elector of Saxony .
Siege of Güns 1532, detail of a copper engraving by Eduard Schön
The Ottomans have to break off the siege of Kőszeg
after a month without success.
1532 in other calendars
Armenian calendar 980/981 (turn of the year July)
Ethiopian calendar 1524/25
Aztec calendar 13th tubes - Matlactli omey Acatl (until the end of January / beginning of February: 12th Rabbit - Matlactli omome Tochtli )
Buddhist calendar 2075/76 (southern Buddhism); 2074/75 (alternative calculation according to Buddhas Parinirvana )
Chinese calendar 70th (71st) cycle

Year of the water dragon壬辰 ( at the beginning of the year metal rabbit 辛卯)

Chula Sakarat (Siam, Myanmar) / Dai calendar (Vietnam) 894/895 (turn of the year April)
Dangun era (Korea) 3865/66 (October 2/3)
Iranian calendar 910/911
Islamic calendar 938/939 (turn of the year 2nd / 3rd August)
Jewish calendar 5292/93 (August 30/31)
Coptic calendar 1248/49
Malayalam calendar 707/708
Seleucid era Babylon: 1842/43 (turn of the year April)

Syria: 1843/44 (turn of the year October)

Vikram Sambat (Nepalese Calendar) 1588/89 (turn of the year April)


Politics and world events

Holy Roman Empire

Turkish wars in Europe

  • June: A Turkish army penetrates again towards Vienna via Hungary.
Statue of Miklós Jurisics in Kőszeg , Hungary
  • August 5th to 30th : During the siege of Kőszeg by the Ottomans , the defenders of the city, under their general Nikola Jurišić , can assert themselves against the besiegers.
  • September: An imperial relief army of approx. 80,000 men causes Sultan Suleyman I's army in front of Vienna to retreat.
  • September 19 : The majority of the Turkish patrol troops who had penetrated deep into southern Lower Austria under Kasim Bey are retreated in the Leobersdorf – Enzesfeld-Lindabrunn – Wiener Neustadt – Neunkirchen area by far superior troops from the Holy Roman Empire and the Habsburg hereditary countries placed and crushed.
  • The imperial admiral Andrea Doria was able to recapture several southern Greek cities from the Turks.



Battle of Cajamarca



  • The Baptist Andreas Fischer replaces Oswald Glaidt as leader of the Sabbaths in Moravia.
  • Connection of the Waldensians to the Calvinist Reformation: Resolutions by Chanforan of September 12, 1532


Historical maps and views

World map 1532 by Sebastian Münster : Typi cosmographici et declaratio et usus, per Sebastianum Munsterum
City seal of Ansbach 1532


Date of birth saved

Anna of Denmark, Electress of Saxony

Exact date of birth unknown

Born around 1532


Date of death secured

Exact date of death unknown

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