February 29th

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In leap years , February is extended by a leap day . This gives these years a February 29 , which is then the 60th day of the Gregorian calendar , leaving 306 days until the end of the year.

In the Roman calendar , February was originally the last month and therefore the one to which the leap days were added. The actual leap day of the Gregorian calendar in Roman counting is, however, as in the Julian calendar , a second February 24 inserted after February 23 . This fact could be recognized in the Roman Catholic Church until the reorganization of the ecclesiastical festival calendar in 1969 when the festival of St. Matthias , which was always celebrated on February 24, was postponed to February 25 in the leap year . For theEvangelical Church in Germany , this regulation still applies.

Today's regular leap days have existed since Pope Gregory XIII. in a papal bull on February 24, 1582 ordered the cancellation of ten accrued leap days. From then on, all are leap years whole numbers divisible by four, with the exception of the centuries that are not divisible by 400, i.e. 1700, 1800, 1900. On the other hand, 1600 and 2000 were leap years. Similarly, 2100, 2200, 2300 and 2500 will not be leap years, but 2400 will be a leap year.

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Birthday on February 29th

In Germany there is a legal regulation for those born on February 29th. To calculate their age , the deadline calculation of the BGB is to be used. In non-leap years applies to § 188 para. 3 BGB the completion of the February 28 as expiry date , so they are in non-leap years to at a March 1 born equal. This means, for example, that those born on February 29th after 18 years of age will come of age on March 1st.


Politics and world events

The Confederation of Bar 1768–1772
1884: Lieutenant General Gerald Graham
1996: Destroyed houses near Sarajevo airport


science and technology

Gotthard railway line


1836: Stage design for the second act at the premiere
1996: Clint Eastwood


  • 1860 : In Leipzig, the theology professor Wilhelm Bruno Lindner is sentenced to six years in a workhouse for stealing from public libraries .
  • 2000 : At the Theo J. Buell Elementary School near Flint in the US state of Michigan, a six-year-old shoots another six-year-old classmate. You are the youngest victim and the youngest perpetrator of a school shooting .
  • 2016 : The Equal Care Day is based on the Equal Pay Day as a day of action for more appreciation and a fair distribution of care work.


  • 1528 : The Protestant theologian Patrick Hamilton , who returned to Catholic Scotland , was sentenced to death for heresy in a short trial and immediately burned in public.


Memorial to the memory of the 1964 plane crash
  • 1964 : A British Eagle International Airlines passenger aircraft approaching Innsbruck collides with the eastern flank of the Glungezer in the Tux Alps on British Eagle flight 802 . All 83 people on board are killed.
  • 1996 : A Peruvian Boeing 737 coming from Lima crashes into a mountain while approaching Arequipa, killing all 123 passengers on this aircraft.

Minor accidents are listed in the sub-articles of Catastrophe .


Entries of athletics world records can be found under the respective discipline under athletics .


Before the 19th century

Pope Paul III (* 1468)

19th century

Herman Hollerith (* 1888)

20th century


Walter Heinrich Fuchs (* 1904)
Michèle Morgan (* 1920)


Seymour Papert (* 1928)
Hideo Ochi (* 1940)


Thomas Löhr (* 1952)
Ola Lindgren (born 1964)


Maike Brückmann (* 1984)
Benedikt Höwedes (* 1988)


Before the 20th century

Grave slab of Duke Władysław the White
John Whitgift († 1604)

20th century

Emily Ruete († 1924)
Jigal Allon (* 1980)

21st century

Davy Jones († 2012)

Holidays and memorial days

  • Church memorial days
    • St. Suitbert , Anglo-Saxon messenger of faith in Germany, founder of the monastery and abbot of Kaiserswerth (Protestant; only in leap years, otherwise March 1st )
    • St. Hilary , Roman Bishop and Patriarch (Catholic)
    • Romanus Day (Catholic; only in leap years, otherwise February 28 )

The list of days of remembrance and action contains further entries .

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