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Barbara Vogel (born December 7, 1940 in Hamburg ) is a German historian .

Barbara Vogel studied history, German, literature, philosophy and education. She received her doctorate in 1971 at the historical seminar in Hamburg with a thesis on German Russia policy from 1900 to 1906. Her habilitation followed in 1981 in Hamburg with a thesis on the reform policy of the Prussian State Chancellor Hardenberg (1810-1820). From 1984 until her retirement in 2006, Vogel taught as Professor of Modern History at the University of Hamburg .

Since the 1980s, promoting women at the university has been a central concern of Vogel. Vogel served in the Academic Senate from 1985 to 1989 and was also elected women's representative during the same period . From 1990 to 1994 she was Vice President of the University of Hamburg. From 2000 to 2002 she was Dean of the Department of History. In 2002 she received the Women's Advancement Award from the University of Hamburg. Her main research interests are modern history with a focus on German social history of the 19th and 20th centuries. Vogel researched and wrote articles on the foreign and domestic policy of Wilhelmine Germany, the Prussian reform policy in the 19th century, the history of the civil service in Germany, the history of the German parties in the 19th and 20th centuries, the history of Hamburg universities and historical women's studies .

Vogel was deputy chairwoman of the historical commission of the SPD .



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