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FCI Standard No. 44
Origin :


Alternative names:

Berger de Beauce, Chien de Beauce, Bas-Rouge

Withers height:

Males: 65–70 cm.
Bitches: 61–68 cm


Not fixed

Varieties :
  • Basrouge (black and tan )
  • Harlequin (spotted - black and tan with gray)
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The Beauceron is a French dog breed recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) ( FCI Group 1, Section 1, Standard No. 44 ). Since 2007 the breed has also been recognized by the AKC .

Origin and history

The origins of the breed can be found in France in one of the herding dogs used in traveling sheep farming. This breed emerged around the 19th century. In 1889 the first breed standard was created.

Every year around 3000–3500 Beauceron puppies are born in France; the strongholds of the breed are the Beauce (a stretch of land between Chartres and Orléans, about 100 km southwest of Paris) and the north along the border with Belgium.


Double dewclaw

The Beauceron is a larger (up to 70 cm) working dog , the overall appearance of which is reminiscent of a stockier version of a Doberman or a slender version of a Rottweiler . The Beauceron has double dewclaws as a special feature . The hair is strong, short, thick, close-fitting, 3–4 cm long in black with tan-colored markings or blue speckled with tan-colored markings: gray, black and burnished. The ears are semi-standing or drooping, they should not be against the head. Because of the characteristic paw color, it is also known as Bas Rouge (red stocking).


Its origin as a working dog explains its tendency towards independence, which can easily be misunderstood as stubbornness. When it comes to training, the owner therefore needs a lot of canine understanding, consistency and empathy. He cannot stand a “hard hand”. When keeping a family dog , herding behavior can occur towards family members. Like all working dogs, he needs a lot of activity, such as dog sports .


The breed is used as a herding , guard and protection dog . As a family dog , it is quite suitable if the person respects his origin. As a protection dog, a high level of enthusiasm for work is required as well as a balanced prey behavior. Corresponding skills are selected in working lines . The good maneuverability and the resilience make the Beauceron a good tracking dog , due to his joy of running he is also suitable for a medical dog, especially since he is resilient and yet balanced. The same applies to its use as an avalanche and disaster dog.

Legal position

The Beauceron is on the breed list of potentially dangerous dogs in the Swiss canton of Ticino ; its attitude there is subject to approval.

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Individual evidence

  1. AKC standard of the Beauceron
  2. ↑ Breed standard No. 44 of the FCI: Beauceron  (PDF)