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Depiction of leggings (1440)

Leg warmers are two-part clothing that covers the legs. It was worn by men and is considered to be the forerunner of trousers and tights . It is a kind of pair of stockings or individual legs. The leg warmers are held on a belt (hernia belt ) by means of ribbons or loops . The word legging is a modern re-creation to confusion between the modern concept of trousers and the Middle High German trousers to avoid.


The oldest evidence of leggings so far comes from the Neolithic glacier corpse Ötzi .

In the Middle Ages , leg warmers were widely used in general fashion. Medieval leg warmers were attached to the brouche with nesting tapes and covered the entire feet. More rarely, they had only one jetty.

To use the leg warmers in the open air, shoes or boots were put over them; indoors, on the other hand, they were often provided directly with a leather sole and wore them without shoes. In the long form, they were worn exclusively by men.

Until the 14th century , the leg warmers were attached to the Brouche belt with a ribbon . Later they were to the doublet angenestelt, as it was called tethering. In order to achieve a better hold of the leg warmers, they were often used with knee straps that were placed directly under the knee.

In the course of the 15th century , the leg warmers became longer and longer, so that they were ultimately sewn together to form modern trousers or tights.


Cold protection

Leg warmers are widely used as functional clothing in cycling . Similar to a hold-up stocking, they are worn as cold protection for the legs when carrying trousers would be too time-consuming. Another shortened form is the knee ring, which is only intended to protect the sensitive knee joints from cold and moisture. Both are made of highly elastic synthetic fiber material and roughened on the inside for winter use.


Today, leg warmers are also used to describe special protective clothing . The leg warmer is strapped around the leg and ideally encloses it completely like trousers. So z. B. Cut protection leg warmers for use with chainsaws . The function is like a pair of chainsaw protection trousers . The cut protection leg warmers used today are two individual trouser legs that can be zipped around the respective leg on the inside or outside of the legs . The upper straps are folded around the belt of normal trousers and held in place by Velcro or press studs . The leg warmers can be put on faster than chainsaw protection trousers and take up less space.

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