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Underwater hull of the Oceanic with propellers in Kort nozzle for better bollard pull

Salvage tug ( English salvage tugs ) are oceangoing tug with heavy machinery , large operating radius and good maneuverability, specifically for the recovery of damaged ships are built and equipped.


Modern salvage tugs are in the ship class of Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels (ERRVs). The shipping companies and owners of these ships are partly grouped together in national organizations such as the Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels Association (ERRVA) in the UK .

The multi-purpose ships or rescue tugs used specifically as emergency tugs are called Emergency Towing Vessel (ETV).


Recovery of the freighter New Flame in the Strait of Gibraltar
Use of a fire monitor

Salvage tugs are stationed around the world, especially in sea areas with high traffic or dangerous weather conditions. Due to a continuous decline in ship accidents, however, civil salvage tugs can hardly be operated economically today and they are therefore mainly used in multi-purpose functions as salvage, deep-sea and anchor-pulling tugs .

The equipment consists of extensive towing devices, fire extinguishing monitors for fire fighting , foreign Lenz plants for leakage control , workshops , ship cranes and dinghies .

Civil recovery tugs (selection)

Ship name Bollard pull Shipping company
Nordic 201 tbp Flag of Germany.svg Bugsier-, shipping company and salvage company
Abeille Bourbon 200 tbp Flag of France.svg Abeille International
Oceanic 178 tbp Flag of Germany.svg Bugsier-, shipping company and salvage company
Koyo Maru 132.5 tbp Flag of Japan.svg Nippon Salvage
Salvage Champion 132 tbp Flag of the Republic of China.svg Asian Marine
Baltic 127 tbp Flag of Germany.svg Fairplay shipping company
Caribbean Fos 110 tbp Flag of Greece.svg Five Oceans Salvage
Europe 50 tbp Flag of Greece.svg Gigilinis Shipping Group

Military salvage tugs (selection)

Ship class Bollard pull marine
Sliva class 90 tbp Naval Ensign of Russia.svg Russian Navy
Helgoland class 36 tbp Flag of Germany (state) .svg German Navy
Powhatan class 54 tbp Flag of the United States.svg United States Navy
Tuzhong class Naval Ensign of China.svg Navy of the People's Republic of China

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