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Bernd Späth (born December 9, 1950 in Fürstenfeldbruck ) is a German writer .


Späth attended grammar school in Fürstenfeldbruck. He passed his first state examination in law in Bonn . In March 1982 Späth founded an advertising agency in Bonn, with which he a. a. looked after the EU Commission, the Federal Government and various commercial enterprises and associations. From 1984 to 1988, Späth was Secretary General of the “Golden Bridge” junior economics prize. Parallel to his entrepreneurial activity, he discovered his passion for the Norwegian Arctic island of Spitzbergen , where he undertook five expeditions between 1982 and 1995, each lasting four months, covering around 10,000 km over the inland ice and pack ice. For weeks he lived alone in a hut on the Arctic Icefjord. In 1983 he was the first German to reach the northern tip of Spitzbergen across the inland ice. He has published three Arctic novels about his experiences in the ice.

Späth wrote three plays for the Badische Kammerschauspiele , with which the stage went on tour with great success. His black comedy The Execution became the most played play in the history of the Bregenz State Theater and is now heading for the 300th performance. The post-war atmosphere in the small Bavarian town of Fürstenfeldbruck is the subject of the very controversial novel Rubble Child from spring 2002 (Lübbe). After Späth received anonymous letters and phone calls as a result of the novel, he left his home district and moved to Munich in 2007. He has been living in Starnberg since April 2018, where he runs a coaching practice for business executives.


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