Berthold Kupisch

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Berthold Kupisch (born January 3, 1932 in Gelsenkirchen ; † December 30, 2015 ) was a German law scholar and university professor.

life and work

After graduating from high school in Essen, Kupisch studied law at the Free University of Berlin and the University of Heidelberg , where he passed his first state examination in law in 1958. After his second state examination in 1963, he was awarded a doctorate degree a year later in Heidelberg with a thesis on the version action. iur. PhD. In 1969 he completed his habilitation in Heidelberg and received the Venia legendi for the subjects of Roman and civil law. After substituting professorships in Heidelberg and Münster , in 1970, Kupisch succeeded Dieter Nörr in the full professorship for Roman and civil law at the University of Münster. Kupisch held this chair until his retirement in 1997. In 1974 and 1975 he was dean of the Münster law faculty.

Kupisch's main research focus was on Roman law and the recent history of private law. In particular, he devoted himself to the law of enrichment . He also worked for decades on a new translation of the Corpus iuris civilis .

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