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Yawl , to whose mizzen mast a red mizzen sail is attached (attached)

The mizzen mast is the rearmost mast on ships that are rigged with masts behind the main mast . The mizzen sail is driven on him .

In Germany there has been a tendency since the end of the 19th century to call the last mast of a full ship a cross mast and the same one on a barque mizzen mast. It also happened that the third mast of a four-masted barque was called a cross mast, although its bream was driven aft to the mizzen mast (see the article cross mast for the origin of the name). Before that time, the terms mizzen and cross were synonymous in use.

The rear mast of a ketch or yawl is also called the mizzen mast.

Components of the mizzen mast

The sections of a built mizzen mast are called, if it is not a one-piece post mast:

  • Mizzen lower mast
  • Besanmarsstenge (Besanstenge)
  • Besanbramstenge

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