Movement allowance

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The movement allowance is an expense allowance that plays a role in different areas of law.

Public service

The movement allowance is paid to certain public sector employees for activities outside the home based on state salary laws . The term is not defined by law , but is used in administrative practice. There is a legal regulation only in individual federal states, in other federal states the movement allowance has been abolished.

In Lower Saxony it is granted to law enforcement officers in the criminal service, but not to police officers in the field and patrol service to compensate for special expenses incurred in field investigations, searches or the procurement of information (e.g. by visiting locales as part of the task, grants Third parties, etc.), depending on the occasion, for oneself or for third parties. In Saarland , there is a similar scheme. As a recurring service, the movement allowance is subject to the statute of limitations .

In Berlin there was movement allowance for police officers until 2010. The Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter , for example, is campaigning for its reintroduction .

Social work

According to the regulations for full-time probation officers on the administration of funds of those under care in North Rhine-Westphalia , the costs of money management are borne by the person under care. In cases of emergency, however, they can be fully or partially covered from the movement allowance.

In the child and youth welfare of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania , the socio-educational exercise allowance for small expenses for leisure activities or play and occupation material as a component of the professional hour was abolished in 2009. It is still billable in Rhineland-Palatinate .

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