Big Boss (TV show)

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Television broadcast
Original title Big boss
Country of production Germany
original language German
year 2004
GRUNDY Light Entertainment GmbH
Episodes 11
weekly (Tuesdays)
genre Reality show , game show
Moderation Pure Calmund
First broadcast October 26, 2004 on RTL Television

Big Boss was a German reality show that was broadcast on the private broadcaster RTL .

The first broadcast took place on October 26, 2004, there were a total of eleven episodes, each to be broadcast on a Tuesday at 8:15 p.m. The last episodes were broadcast at a later time due to falling ratings. The moderator and thus the “big boss” was Reiner Calmund , who became known as the manager of the Bundesliga soccer club Bayer 04 Leverkusen . The entrepreneur Bettina Steigenberger from Steigenberger Hotels AG and the business journalist Roland Tichy , editor-in-chief of Euro , were co-moderators.

Description of the show

12 applicants had to solve certain tasks collectively, divided into two groups. These should show which of them is most likely to be capable of leadership and teamwork in a company or group. Every week an applicant had to drop out of the group who lost in the respective program who, in the opinion of the presenter, was not up to the requirements. The eventual winner Carmen Dohmen received prize money of 250,000 euros as start-up capital for starting a business. She founded an event agency. In 2008 a second branch was opened in Berlin. In 2009 the name was changed to Rotwild GmbH .


The program was produced by GRUNDY Light Entertainment GmbH and marketed by RTL Enterprises GmbH.

Audience ratings

The first show achieved an audience rating of 3.37 million viewers, which is modest by RTL standards, which corresponds to a market share of 10.3%. In the following weeks, the audience rating fell from 3.23 million (9.7% market share) in the second week to down to 2.83 million viewers (8.5% market share) in week three (RTL's average in 2004 was 13, 8th %). On November 23, 2004, 2.88 million viewers tuned in, corresponding to a market share of 8.6%, and RTL was still dissatisfied with that.

Similar formats

The original format from the USA with multi-billionaire Donald Trump , The Apprentice , had an average of 20 million viewers on NBC .

This was already adapted by ProSieben in mid-2004 . The Dutch television producer John de Mol looked on his show Hire or Fire a creative director for the television industry. Due to the poor audience rating of 950,000 viewers and a 6.0% market share, the station immediately stopped broadcasting the series after the first issue.

In the UK has been running since 2005 The Apprentice UK , in the Alan Sugar a manager for his company investigated. So far there have been nine seasons.

The Swiss version was called Traumjob , ran on the SF DRS channel and was broadcast from April 17 to June 26, 2005. The patron saint of the candidates was the well-known publisher Jürg Marquard . He had as big boss with Doris Aebi and Markus Gisler two advisory boards.

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