Picture in picture

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Picture in picture (created by photo montage )

Picture in picture ( PiP , or PiP for English. Picture in Picture ) is a reduced second television picture inserted into the television picture or an inserted section of it.

Without having to interrupt the current program or a video or DVD film, the picture-in-picture function allows you to switch to another TV channel in a preview image.

For picture-in-picture display, the receiver either needs a second AV source (AV-PIP) or a second tuner (2-tuner-PIP). The system is mainly used with television sets, but also with digital satellite receivers with double tuners, some computer monitors , digital TV cards and with the interactive capabilities of HD media such as the Blu-ray Disc .

With the help of picture in picture , B. Commercial breaks can be bridged by switching to an alternative program and running the original program in the small preview window . In the meantime, however, this can be circumvented with the help of time-shifted television .

Split Screen offers a similar function .


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