Blue birch

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Blue birch
Eurosiden I
Order : Beech-like (Fagales)
Family : Birch family (Betulaceae)
Genre : Birch trees ( betula )
Type : Blue birch
Scientific name
Betula caerulea

The blue birch ( Betula caerulea ) is a plant type , which the family of the birch family belongs (Betulaceae). It is interpreted as a hybrid of paper birch ( B. papyrifera ) and gray birch ( B. populifolia ). The blue birch is native to northeastern North America from Nova Scotia to Vermont .

Plant description

The blue birch got its name from its bluish-green leaves . With advanced age, the bark becomes reddish-white and does not peel. In the natural occurrence it often grows bushy; in plantations in favorable locations it can reach heights of growth of 10 to 20 m.

The flowering begins in May. The male kittens can be 3 to 5 cm long, the female, however, only 0.8 cm. The fruit cluster is 2.5 cm long and disintegrates in September. The seeds have the winged nut shape typical of birch trees.


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