Bobrawa mountain country

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The Bobrawa Mountains within the geomorphological division of the Czech Republic

The Bobrawa Mountains (Czech Bobravská vrchovina ) is a part of the Brno Mountains ( Brněnská vrchovina ) in the Czech Republic . It is located west and southwest of Brno ( Brno ) in Central Moravia .


The mountainous area has an area of ​​371 km². The highest point is at 479 m above sea level. M. the Kopeček near Ostrovačice . Geomorphological subunits are the Leskounská vrchovina and the Lipovská vrchovina and the Řečkovicko-kuřimský prolom.

Towards the north and west, the Bobrawa mountain range slopes down to the Boskowitz furrow . To the northeast, separated by the Řekovicko-kuřimský prolom ( Ratschkowitz-Gureiner breakthrough ), the Adamovská vrchovina, belonging to the Drahaner Bergland , joins. In the east and south, the Bobrawa mountain range merges into the Thaya-Schwarza valley basin .

The Bobrawa Mountains are crossed from northwest to southeast by the valleys of the Jihlava , Bobrava and Svratka rivers . The largest standing body of water is the Brno Reservoir .

The Automotodrom Brno is located in the Podkomorské lesy forest area .