Geomorphological classification of the Czech Republic

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The four geomorphological provinces of the Czech Republic
  • Bohemian mass
  • Central European lowlands
  • Western Carpathians
  • West Pannonian Basin
  • The geomorphological sub-provinces
  • Bohemian forest
  • Bohemian-Moravian Sub-province
  • Ore Mountains
  • Giant Mountains-Jeseníky Mountains
  • Beraun
  • Bohemian table country
  • Central European / Central Polish lowlands
  • Outer Carpathian Depression
  • Outer Western Carpathians
  • Vienna basin
  • The geomorphological classification of the Czech Republic is a basis often used in the Czech Republic for describing the location of places and landscapes. It was created in the 1970s and has been revised several times in detail. The country is divided into four geomorphological provinces. By far the largest share is made up of the Bohemian Massif , which takes up about three quarters of the country. The rest is in the Western Carpathians and the Vienna Basin in the southeast and a small part of the Silesian Lowlands in the northeast, which is part of the Central European lowlands. The Bohemian Massif and the Silesian Lowlands belong to the Hercynian system, the Western Carpathians and the Vienna Basin to the Alpidic mountain system .


    The geomorphological classification of the Czech Republic was developed in the 1960s to 1980s for what was then Czechoslovakia and published extensively in 1987. It differs from the natural division of Germany in that it is based almost exclusively on geological and geomorphological statements. A total of ten hierarchical levels are distinguished. The core is level 6 ( celek , plural: celky ), which has mostly well-known landscape names and roughly corresponds to the main units in Germany . In contrast, new names were coined for many of the other areas, whereby the hierarchy level or the ascertained relief played a role in the naming.

    Czech name German meaning level number key Remarks
    system system 1 2 without Subdivision according to Variscan and Alpid orogeny
    subsystém Subsystem 2 4th without extensive fold mountain ranges and basins
    provincie province 3 4th Roman numeral
    subprovincie Sub-province 4th 10 subscript I 3 : Krušnohorská subprovincie
    oblast district 5 27 Capital letter I 3 A: Krušnohorská hornatina
    celek Main unit 6th 93 Hyphen and digit well-known landscape names that can also be found in this form on overview maps; Example: I 3 A-1: Smrčiny
    podcelek Subunit 7th 234 Capital letter Partly artificial division of the landscapes; Example: Hazlovská pahorkatina
    okrsek Sub-unit, literally about district 8th 921
    podokrsek literally about sub-district 9 Summaries of individual objects, e.g. B. Groups of mountains
    část part 10 single object, e.g. B. mountain, rock

    The classification was made in particular on the basis of relief types. For this purpose, the investigation area was divided into 16 km² squares and the relief was determined using the lowest and highest point.

    Czech name German meaning relief Altitude range
    rovina level 0-30 m
    pahorkatina Hill country 30-150 m 200-600 m
    vrchovina Mountain country 150-300 m 600-900 m
    hornatina Mountainous country 300-600 m 900-1600 m
    velehornatina about "high mountain country" over 600 m over 1600 m

    Parent units

    system Subsystem province Sub-province district
    Hercinský system Hercynská pohoří (Herzyniden) Česká vysočina ( Bohemian Mass ) Šumavská subprovincie Českoleská oblast
    Šumavská hornatina
    Česko-moravská subprovincie Středočeská pahorkatina
    Jihočeské pánve (South Bohemian Basin)
    Českomoravská vrchovina ( Bohemian-Moravian Highlands )
    Brněnská vrchovina ( Brno Uplands )
    Krušnohorská subprovincie Krušnohorská hornatina
    Podkrušnohorská oblast
    Karlovarská vrchovina ( Karlovy Vary Mountains )
    Krkonošsko-jesenická subprovincie ( Sudetes ) Krkonošská oblast
    Orlická oblast
    Jesenická oblast
    Krkonošsko-jesenické podhůří
    Poberounská subprovincie Brdská oblast
    Plzeňská pahorkatina
    Česká tabule ( Bohemian Table Country ) Severočeská tabule
    Středočeská tabule
    Vychodočeská tabule
    Epihercynské nížiny Středoevropská nížina ( Central European Lowlands ) Středopolské nížiny ( Central Polish Lowlands ) Slezská nížina (Silesian Plain)
    Alpsko-himálajský system Karpaty ( Carpathian Mountains ) Západní Karpaty ( Western Carpathians ) Vněkarpatské sníženiny (Extra-Carpathian valleys) Západní vněkarpatské sníženiny
    Severní vněkarpatské sníženiny
    Vnější západní Karpaty ( Outer Western Carpathians ) Jihomoravské Karpaty (South Moravian Carpathians)
    Středomoravské Karpaty ( Central Moravian Carpathians )
    Slovensko-Moravské Karpaty (Slovak-Moravian Carpathians)
    Západobeskydské podhůří ( Western Beskid Foothills)
    Západní Beskydy ( West Beskydy )
    Panonská pánev ( Pannonian Plain ) Západopanonská pánev Vídeňská pánev ( Vienna Basin ) Jihomoravská pánev ( South Moravian Basin )

    Main units

    Bohemian mass

    Bohemian Forest sub-province

    Bohemian-Moravian Sub-province

    Erzgebirge sub-province

    Giant Mountains-Jeseníky Mountains

    also Sudeten sub-province

    Beraun sub-province

    • Brdywald area / Kammwald area
    • Pilsen hill country
      • Rakovnická pahorkatina ("hill country near Rakovník ")
      • Plaská pahorkatina ("Plaßer Hügelland")
      • Švihovská vrchovina ("Schwihauer Hügelland")

    Bohemian table country

    • North Bohemian table country
      • Ralská pahorkatina (Rollberg hill country)
      • Jičínská pahorkatina (Gitschiner Plateau)
    • Central Bohemian table country
      • Dolnooharská tabule ( table land on the lower Eger )
      • Jizerská tabule ( table land on the Jizera )
      • Středolabská tabule ( table land on the middle Elbe on the middle Elbe )
    • East Bohemian table country
      • Východolabská tabule ( table land on the eastern Elbe)
      • Orlická tabule (Tafelland an der Adler )
      • Svitavská pahorkatina ( Zwittau hill country )

    Central European lowlands

    Central Polish lowlands

    Western Carpathians

    Outer Carpathian Depression

    Outer Western Carpathians

    West Pannonian Basin

    Vienna Basin (Vídeňská pánev)


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