Litenčická pahorkatina

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Location of the Litenčická pahorkatina in the Outer Western Carpathians

The Litenčická pahorkatina (German Litentschitzer Hügelland ), also Litenčické vrchy or Litenčická vrchovina are a mountain range in South Moravia , Czech Republic . They form the northern part of the Central Moravian Carpathians .


The Litenčická pahorkatina rises between Slavkov u Brna , Bučovice , Koryčany , Morkovice-Slížany and Vyškov . It has an extension of 590 km² and an average height of 293.7 m. ü. The highest point is the Hradisko (518 m).

In the north, the hilly landscape merges into the Upper Moravian Depression ( Hornomoravský úval ) along the Haná and Tištínka rivers . To the east, the course of the Kotojedka separates the Litenčická pahorkatina from the Martian Mountains . To the south, the wide Litava valley forms the border with the Steinitz Forest . To the west is the Wischauer Tor ( Vyškovská brána ).

Geomorphological subunits form the Bučovická pahorkatina (with the Brankovická pahorkatina), Orlovická vrchovina and the Zdounecká brázda.

In the western foothills is the Větrníky nature reserve at Větrník (394 m) .

The hill country consists of palaeogenic flysch formations that are partially covered with loess.

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