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Above: Detail of head with threading aid and mechanical translation; below: general view
200mm compact bolt cutter for 6mm copper wire or 3.6mm piano wire.
Animated display when opening and closing

A bolt cutter is a pair of pliers for the production process of cutting metal when dividing metal (in Germany according to DIN 8588). It is operated with both arms. Long levers and a double lever mechanism with a corresponding translation allow a large force to be exerted on the hardened cutting surfaces and the workpiece. The form with an angled cutting edge is called a mat cutter . The cutting heads are usually interchangeable.

For lighter applications there is the compact bolt cutter that can be operated with one hand.

Area of ​​use

The langheblige bolt cutters is designed primarily and dimensioned to prepare uncured reinforcement mesh and reinforcing steel in reinforced concrete . Depending on the size and weight of the model, the material thickness that can be processed is between 8 and 13 mm, correspondingly less for harder materials. The ability to quickly cut through screws, pins , wires , bolts , rivets , chains, etc. opens up the field of application for cracking padlocks and bicycle locks and as a burglary tool.

The compact bolt cutter has a wide range of uses in industry and trade for cutting soft and hard wires and piano wire.

More powerful alternatives

Rescue shears when cutting the C-pillar of a car

Correspondingly more powerful bolt cutters are also manufactured for cutting through larger cross-sections or stronger materials. Hydraulic cutting devices, such as those used in rescue operations by the fire brigade and in Germany by the technical relief organization (so-called hydraulic rescue kit ), can cut solid objects without the dangerous flying sparks of an angle grinder that can be used as an alternative .

There are also pneumatic bolt cutters that work faster than hydraulic cutters.

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