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Stone balcony parapet ( Casa di Giulietta in Verona )
Window parapets decorated with carvings (half-timbered house in Hildesheim )

As a parapet (also parapet ) is defined as

  1. a fall protection on bridges , galleries , terraces , balconies , etc. In contrast to the light and mostly openwork lattice or railing and the balustrade is it a closed, usually massively executed shear wall .
  2. On the other hand, part of an outer wall is called a parapet, which is located between the floor and the lower edge of the window ( window parapet ).

The term refers to the - original - closure of the component at chest height (often for defense purposes). The parapet height is currently standardized depending on the federal state, as well as the potential fall height and is between 80 cm and 110 cm.

The parapet height is the vertical distance between the floor and the lower edge of the window.


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  • Parapet , which served primarily as protection against attacking enemies in the construction of castles and fortresses.
  • railing
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