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Hand sowing

With broad sowing , the seeds are distributed over the entire surface of the seedbed , in contrast to drill or band sowing . This can be done manually or with the assistance of the device. This sowing method is common in nurseries and, in the case of small-seeded summer catch crops, in agriculture. In the case of grain, it can only be found in small farms.

When sowing by hand, the person sowing has tied a seed sack or a seed tub. The seeds are gripped with one hand while walking and are spread with an open palm every second step. One also speaks of seed throwing, right-handers throw when stepping on the right foot, left-handers accordingly on the left.

For small seeds with a low thousand-grain weight , only the thumb and middle finger are used to grasp the seeds and the seeds are evenly distributed over the outstretched index finger.

The goal - e.g. B. to sow approx. 600 grains per square meter in cereals - is tried to achieve by the amount per throw, the throwing width and stride length; appropriate training is necessary. At a walking speed of 70 / minute and a throwing width of 2 meters, about 0.5 ha can be sown per hour  .

Hand tools with a crank-driven spreading mechanism, fertilizer spreaders and seed drills with disused row sowing devices are available for machine sowing.

Immediately after sowing , the seeds must be prepared in a suitable manner, e.g. B. be worked into the ground with the harrow to create the conditions for germination and to protect against bird damage , especially the rooks . With garden roller , Andrückbrett or pinch of ground connection can the seed be improved.

With the introduction of drill seeding for grain, the amount of seed could be reduced by approx. 30%. The grains are evenly deposited by coulters at a seed-specific depth, usually 2–4 cm. With modern sowing combinations, sowing can now be done seated and much faster.

Other methods


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