Fuel technology

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Exemplary fuel technology plant: Refinery for the production of bioethanol

The fuel technology is a field of energy technology , more specifically formulated the energy process technology that deals with the production and conversion of fuels and fuels , as well as the investigation and characterization of its properties in the combustion employed. The aim is to achieve the most favorable behavior possible for low-pollutant and economical use in a furnace .

Like general energy technology, fuel technology is also an interdisciplinary field of activity that overlaps with several related fields.



Refinement or conversion

Combustion properties

Overlap with combustion technology

  • Characterization of the combustion behavior using measured variables:
    • Degassing behavior
    • Ignitability
    • Determination of heating and condensing
    • Determination of the ash and water content of the fuel
    • Ash and slag behavior


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