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Brigitte von Arnim , pseudonym Nina Joachim (born February 5, 1905 in Rawitsch , † November 7, 1965 in Cuxhaven ) was a German writer .


Brigitte von Arnim came from the Gerswalder line of the von Arnim family in Uckermark . Her father was a royal Prussian captain a. D. and 1st curator of the Arnim-Gerswalde'schen Family Foundation, her mother's name was Marie Lehmann.

Brigitte von Arnim joined the National Socialist movement before 1933 and became an enthusiastic supporter of Hitler. This political stance also shaped her book publications. She died unmarried in Cuxhaven.


Her stories, steeped in National Socialist spirit, appeared under the pseudonym Nina Joachim. She first published the novel The Immortal Longing in 1932 , a propaganda call for the Third Reich. In 1933 her story Manfreds Weg zu Hitler came out, a book out of our day ; This was followed by the story Hella fights for the Third Reich (1934) and the novels Tragedy about Ingeborg (1934) and Idle (1937).

After the end of the Second World War, Manfred and Hella were placed on the list of literature to be segregated in the Soviet occupation zone .


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