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Bruschetta with garlic, olive oil and salt
Bruschetta with chopped tomatoes and basil

Bruschetta [ brusˈketːa , listen ? / i ] belongs to the Italian antipasti . The original "poor people's food" comes from central and southern Italy . Freshly toasted bread, such as Pane Pugliese (with a hard crust), is rubbed with a halved clove of garlic while still warm and then drizzled with olive oil, peppered and salted as desired and consumed immediately. Audio file / audio sample


Bruschetta is often provided with a topping, depending on the region and preference, numerous variations are known:

  • A topping of chopped tomatoes and fresh basil (bruschetta con pomodoro e basilico) is often found, for example . For this purpose, skinned tomatoes are diced (the core is removed) and mixed with garlic, basil, olive oil and a little salt and pepper. The bread (white bread is common) is toasted and topped with the tomato and garlic mix just before serving. This version is very common in Tuscany and the Naples area .
  • In Tuscany it is also made with unsalted bread ( Pane Sciocco ) and is then called Fettunta .
  • In the Abruzzo around Pescara , bruschetta is also very popular with ham, and arrosticini (grilled sheep meat cubes) is a specialty there.
  • In Calabria , bruschetta is called fedda ruscia (toasted slice of bread) and is eaten with olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano or paprika.
  • A variant of Catalan cuisine is pa amb tomàquet .


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