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A book timetable is a form of timetable used by train drivers in Germany and Austria . It contains information and instructions that must be observed and followed for each section of the route when traveling on a railway line . It is neither to be confused with the course book nor with the route book .

Book timetable

The book timetable is published in book form, hence the name book timetable . It consists of two booklets, the speed booklet with the route-related information in the order of the route and the travel times booklet with the times of the trains at the individual operating points . There is a detailed substitute timetable for individual routes or route sections in which all signals are listed. The individual book timetable is intended for a specific rail route and designed for its individual course.

Similarly, there were also book timetables for the DB buses for each rail bus route. These were structured in a similar way to the book timetables for the trains, but not with spiral stitching. They included all the stops and sometimes the arrival times, but always the departure times of each journey and any deviations.

Alternatively, the information in the book timetable can be displayed in electronic form using the EBuLa system on a display device in the driver's cab of the locomotives.

Speed ​​book

The speed booklet contains in particular the basic data of the railway line, a list of the operating points in the sequence of the route and their location according to the route kilometrage as well as the permissible speeds of the individual route sections. Also trap points which have the speed of the train at the time of entry into an such effects must be disclosed here. Permanent speed limits are also incorporated. Temporary speed limits are not found in the speed book, but in the compilation of temporary speed limits and other special features (La).

Travel times booklet

The travel time booklet contains, among other things, the basic data of the train such as the engine series, the maximum permissible speed of the train and the train load, specifications for the brakes on the train and the departure, arrival and transit times at the operating points in the order of the journey.

Replacement timetable

Replacement timetable booklet

The replacement timetable is a special form of the book timetable. He comes z. B. in case of failure of the EBuLa system's in the short term moving freight trains , relief coatings , special train , wherein Lokleerfahrten (eg. At diversions after accidents, and other urgent rides rescue train , emergency train , noise, etc.) are used for which no A pre-planned or printed timetable is available.

Division of columns

The replacement timetable (also called "Z-Plan") is available in book form. It contains the permissible speeds, the operating points , the distance in kilometers and a separate minute-time column for each individual train speed in column form for each individual route .

The replacement timetable is determined in terms of time and location by a timetable arrangement and is thus put into effect. The transmission to the driver can take place in writing or verbally (printout, fax , telephone and train radio ). The preparation is carried out by the competent regional operations center of the web.

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