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Rail systems in their entirety form the rail infrastructure .

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Railway facilities in Germany are summarized under the term operating facilities of a railway (railway operating facilities) in accordance with Section 2 (3) of the General Railway Act (AEG) .

In § 4 of the Railway Building and Operating Regulations (EBO) they are defined in more detail for federal railways as: "All land, buildings and other facilities of a railway that ... are required to handle or secure travel or goods traffic on the rails . ... There are railway systems at the stations , the free route and other railway systems. Vehicles are not part of the railway systems.

Prohibited entry to the track area

Entering the railway facilities

In the interests of the safety of rail operations as well as users, the EBO has drawn up special rules for behavior on rail systems. Violations are offenses as defined in § 64b EBO and the Federal be from that of in the field of railways § 3 , § 13 competent the Federal Police Law (Federal Police Act) federal police assigned a warning money or a fine. In particular, whoever acts improperly

  • enters or uses a railway system that is not for general traffic use without authorization and without a special usage relationship,
  • stays within the tracks , unless it is necessary for the performance of official tasks or there is a usage relationship,
  • unauthorized opening of a barrier or other safety device, preparing an obstacle to travel or performing another activity that disrupts or endangers operations.

As a rule, the railway operations manager is responsible for order and safety on railway systems operated by non-federally owned railways . The state's police are responsible for police tasks (including recording personal details, questioning, removing people from railway systems, etc.).

Railway systems in detail

Railway system: Signal box at the Kostheim junction on the Taunus Railway and the Mainz bypass

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