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Socket (left) and plug in electrical engineering
Half-bushings (light gray) of a plain bearing in mechanical engineering

A socket is an insulated sleeve for receiving a plug or a hollow cylinder for mounting an axle / shaft or for guiding a piston.

Electrical engineering

In electrical engineering , the term describes a socket

The socket of a plug connection is also known as female (female) referred to the plug as a male (male) .

mechanical engineering

In mechanical engineering , slide bushings with a circular cross-section are used as slide bearings for or on axles and shafts .

Elastomer bushings are used to isolate vibrations , for example to mount gearboxes . Because they are much easier to manufacture and assemble, they are mostly divided.

Stuffing boxes are used to seal shaft and piston rod bushings .

Drill bushings guide twist drills (spiral flute drills ) into fixtures and tools .

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