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Ruins of the Buleuterion in Akrai (Sicily)

A Buleuterion ( Greek : βουλευτήριον), technically mostly Bouleuterion , was the meeting room of the Bule , the council of the city , in the city-states of ancient Greece . The popular assembly ( Ekklesia ), on the other hand, gathered in the much larger Ekklesiasterion .

The interior of the building, which was mostly laid out on a rectangular floor plan, often had the shape of a small theater hall, with rising rows of seats around a central or front lecture area. The rising rows of seats could be arranged in a semicircle ( Miletus ) or rectangular ( Priene ). But there were also simple solutions in which ground-level rows of benches or chairs served as seating.

As these were mostly quite large rectangular buildings, the narrow sides of which quickly reached over 15 m wide, supports or pillars had to be arranged inside. They helped to overcome the enormous span of the roof structure by ancient standards.

Buleuteria were often provided with elaborate entrance solutions or combined with columned halls (Miletus). As representative buildings of the cities, they usually rose centrally and prominently in the cityscape.

In addition to those already mentioned, remains of former buleuteries can be found, for example, in Apollonia , Delphi (with double apses ), Ephesos , Iasos , Delos , Olympia , Patara , Paestum and Termessos . An old and a new Buleuterion have been identified in the Agora of Athens .


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