Robert I (Burgundy)

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Robert I , called the old man , (* 1011 ; † March 21, 1076 in Fleurey-sur-Ouche ) was Duke of Burgundy from 1032 and Count of Auxerre from 1040 to 1060 . He was the son of King Robert II of France and Constance of Arles (* around 986, † 1032), a daughter of William I, Count of Arles .


Robert was considered his mother's favorite son, who therefore favored him as the successor to the throne after his father's death in 1031. In the resulting power struggle against his older brother Heinrich , they allied themselves with Count Odo II of Blois . Nevertheless, Konstanze and Robert had to admit defeat in 1032, as compensation, Robert received control of the Duchy of Burgundy from his brother.

Robert was considered a violent ruler who led feuds against his neighbors and religious institutions and supposedly had his first father-in-law murdered. He fought against his brother-in-law Rainald von Nevers for rule over Auxerre , which he conquered in 1040, but had to cede to the Count of Nevers again in 1060.

His first marriage was to Helie von Semur († after 1055), daughter of Damas I of Semur-en-Brionnais . Your children were:

His second wife was Ermengarde von Anjou († 1076) , a daughter of Count Fulko III. Nerra of Anjou and widow of Count Gottfried II Ferréol of Gâtinais . They had a daughter:


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Heinrich Duke of Burgundy
Hugo I.