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Agora of Iasos

Iasos (Greek: Iασoς or Iασσoς) was an ancient city ​​on the coast of Caria in Asia Minor (now Turkey , near the village of Kıyıkışlacık near Milas ). It was originally located on an island about 900 meters long and 500 meters wide, which was later connected to the mainland.

Iasos is one of the Ionian cities in Asia Minor (although it is said to have been founded from Argos ). Excavations between 1960 and 2014 have shown that the site was populated as early as the Late Copper Age and during the Early, Middle and Late Bronze Ages. In layers of the Middle Bronze Age, many finds of Cretan origin came to light , so that a Minoan colony is considered likely. From the late 15th century BC Chr. ( LH III A1 ) was the place much Mycenaean embossed, which both Mycenaean ceramics (imported and locally made) and other small finds, such as terracotta idols , witness and Mycenaean wall remains. Similar to Miletus , a Minoan settlement was evidently replaced by a Mycenaean one. There are assumptions that Iasos bring in connection with the sea ​​people of the Wešeš ( W3šš ) Egyptian sources. Accordingly, the Egyptian name W3šš is derived from Iasos, or the variants Iassos or Ouassos.

Like its neighboring cities (e.g. Miletus), Iasos belonged temporarily to the Attic League and the Persian Empire in Classical times , since 129 BC. To the Roman province of Asia . The settlement lasted until 15th / 16th. Century, then the place was abandoned.

The city complex from the Hellenistic and Roman times (including city ​​wall , agora , theater, town hall , aqueduct ) has been researched by Italian archaeologists (initially under the direction of Doro Levi ) since 1960 . Numerous inscriptions were found that give an insight into the inner conditions of the city.

Iasos was the seat of a bishop in late antiquity. The titular bishopric of Iasus (the Latin form of the name) of the Roman Catholic Church goes back to the diocese, which belonged to the ecclesiastical province of Stauropolis .

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