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The CRC Press , based in Boca Raton , Florida , is one of the largest publishers of science reference works . He has been part of the Taylor & Francis publishing group since 2003 and, moreover, to Informa since 2004 . The oldest and best-known product of the publisher is the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics , which has appeared in 98 editions since 1913 (2560 pages, ISBN 978-1-4987-8454-2 ).

Originally founded as a supplier of laboratory equipment , the Chemical Rubber Company (CRC) also published simple tables . The first larger was the first edition of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics in 1913 , which comprised 116 pages. In 1973 the CRC sold the trading business and changed its name to CRC Press . In 1986 the publishing house was taken over by the Times Mirror Company , which sold it to Taylor and Francis in 2003.

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