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The Canadian Mathematical Society ( CMS ) (French: Société mathématique du Canada (SMC)) is the association of mathematicians in Canada . The head office of the CMS is in Ottawa .

The logo of the CMS

It was founded in June 1945 as the Canadian Mathematical Congress . To avoid confusion with the mathematical congresses that take place every four years, a name change was considered over many years. In 1979 the name was finally changed to the Canadian Mathematical Society . The declared aim of the CMS is to promote research, teaching and the application of mathematics. They hold two annual meetings of three days each. In some cases, they cooperate with the Canadian Statistical Society (French Societé statistique du Canada, SSC), the Canadian variant of SIAM (French abbreviation: SCMAI, Société canadiennes des mathématiques appliquées et industrielles), the Canadian Society for Philosophy and History of Mathematics (French : Société canadienne d´histoire et de la philosophie des mathématiques, SCHPM) and the Canadian Operations Research Society (French Société canadienne de recherche opérationnelle, SCRO). They also cooperate in their congresses with the American Mathematical Society and, since 2004, with the Société Mathématique de France .

The major publications of the Canadian Mathematical Society are the mathematical journals

  • Canadian Journal of Mathematics (CJM), French Journal Canadien des Mathématiques (JCM), since 1949, mainly for larger articles
  • Canadian Mathematical Bulletin (CMB), French Bulletin Canadien des Mathématiques (BCM), since 1958, for rather shorter articles

The Society awards the G. de B. Robinson Award for exceptional contributions to both of its journals . The journal Crux Mathematicorum (with Mathematical Mayhem) addresses schoolchildren and students with the publication of mathematical problems, the CMS newsletter is the Notes . The CMS also supports the Royal Society of Canada in the publication of its Comptes Rendus. The CMS publishes its own series of books by Springer Verlag.

The society worked with the three Canadian research institutes for mathematics, the 1969 founded Center for Mathematical Research (Center de recherches mathématiques) in Montreal , the Fields Institute (founded 1992) and the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences (founded 1996) in Vancouver . In 2003, the research institute BIRS (Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery) was founded, which is partly funded by the US NSF and partly by the Canadian CRSNG.

They award the Coxeter James Prize to young scientists and the Jeffery Williams Prize .

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