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The American Mathematical Society (AMS) is an association of mathematicians in the USA , comparable to the German Mathematicians Association (DMV) in Germany. It was founded in 1888 to promote mathematical education and research and has approximately 28,000 members and 550 institutions.


It was founded in New York City in 1888 as the New York Mathematical Society . The idea came from Thomas Scott Fiske , who was impressed by the London Mathematical Society after a visit to England . John Howard Van Amringe was the first President and Fiske Secretary. Fiske also became the first editor of the magazine the company brought out.

By 1894, the society had enough members outside of New York that it was renamed the American Mathematical Society.

In 1951, the AMS headquarters moved from New York City to Providence , Rhode Island .


The main office of the AMS is in Providence ( Rhode Iceland ).

It creates the departmental organ Mathematical Reviews with over two million entries since around 1945. It offers more than 3000 textbooks.

The AMS awards several prizes:

She also organizes the Gibbs Lectures and the Colloquium Lectures on a regular basis .

There is a fellowship, which is considered an honor and from which you are selected by a committee. Fellow status has existed since 2012 (Inaugural Class) and new ones are elected every year. The prerequisite is that you were a member of the AMS in the two years before. In the inaugural class , 50 selected members were accepted and those who had given an AMS Address lecture at one of the joint meetings, had won an AMS prize or a lecture at the ICM (International Congress of Mathematicians) or the ICIAM (International Congress of Industrial and Applied Mathematics).

The AMS publishes some important mathematical journals and series:

  • Journal of the American Mathematical Society , existing since 1988
  • Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, from 1950, with research papers under 15 pages.
  • Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, published since 1900 and containing longer research articles (articles shorter than 15 pages are usually published in the Proceedings)
  • Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, with research papers similar in length to the Transactions (80 to 200 pages); if more than one work appears in a volume, they are grouped according to common topics. Today six volumes appear annually in around 33 individually bound parts.
  • Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
  • Notices of the American Mathematical Society
  • Mathematics of Computation
  • Mathematical Surveys and Monographs, a series of mathematical monographs
  • Contemporary Mathematics, since 1980, a series of anthologies on conferences and symposia

The second major mathematicians' association in the United States is the Mathematical Association of America .


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