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Michael Artin at Berkeley

Michael Artin (born June 28, 1934 in Hamburg ) is an American mathematician specializing in algebraic geometry and algebra .

life and work

Michael Artin was born in 1934 as the son of the famous mathematician Emil Artin and his wife Natascha Artin ( Natascha Artin Brunswick ) in Hamburg-Langenhorn . In 1937 the family left Germany for the USA because Artin's mother was Jewish. He decided (in his own words not influenced by his father) to study mathematics, and received his doctorate in 1960 from Harvard University under Oscar Zariski with the dissertation On Enriques' Surfaces . At Harvard and at IHES , he was a participant in Alexander Grothendieck's seminars . With Grothendieck and Jean-Louis Verdier , he wrote the fourth volume of the Séminaire de géométrie algébrique du Bois Marie (SGA) - 1963–64 on topos theory and étale cohomology . Later he was a professor at MIT . In 1966 he became a Sloan Research Fellow .

Artin developed the concept of étalen cohomology in the early 1960s in exchange with Alexander Grothendieck, after he had attended his lecture at Harvard in 1961, and then in the SGA seminar in 1963/64 additionally with Verdier at IHES.

With his concept of "algebraic space" he expanded the schema concept by Grothendieck, which was particularly fruitful for the study of modular spaces and in algebraic geometry (deformation theory). Central here is the Artinian approximation theorem about the approximation of formal power series by algebraic functions . In 1973, together with Peter Swinnerton-Dyer , he solved the Shafarevich-Tate conjecture for elliptical surfaces . From the 1980s onwards, he dealt with non-commutative algebra and non-commutative algebraic geometry . He is also known for his textbook on algebra, a standard work.

In 1966 he gave a plenary lecture at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Moscow (The Etale Topology of Schemes) and in 1970 he was an Invited Speaker at the ICM in Nice ( Construction techniques of algebraic spaces ).


Artin was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1969, and to the National Academy of Sciences in 1977 . In 2002 he won the Leroy P. Steele Prize for his life's work . In 2013 he was awarded the Wolf Prize for Mathematics, and in early 2016 he was awarded the National Medal of Science . He is a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science .



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