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Jill Catherine Pipher (born December 14, 1955 in Harrisburg , Pennsylvania ) is an American mathematician .

Pipher studied at the University of California, Los Angeles , with a bachelor's degree in 1979 and a doctorate in 1985 with John Garnett ( Double index square functions and bounded mean oscillation on bi-discs ). She taught at the University of Chicago until 1990 and was then a professor at Brown University , where she headed the mathematics faculty from 2005 to 2008. She has been founding director of the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM, Princeton) since 2011 .

She deals with harmonic analysis with applications to elliptic partial differential equations with discontinuous coefficients and with cryptography . In 1996 she founded NTRU Cryptosystems with Jeffrey Hoffstein , Daniel Lieman and Joseph Silverman to market their algorithms NTRUEncrypt and NTRUSign . The public key cryptosystem NTRU (for N-th degree truncated polynomial ring) is based on the arithmetic in polynomial rings. It was presented by Hoffstein, Silverman and Pipher at the Crypto 96.

Jill Pipher has served as President of the Association for Women in Mathematics since 2011 . In 1989 she became a research fellow of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation ( Sloan Research Fellow ). She is a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society . In 2014 she was invited speaker at the ICM in Seoul (Carleson measures and elliptic boundary value problems). In 2015 she was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences . For 2018 she was selected as a Noether Lecturer .



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