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Logo of the SMF

The Société mathématique de France ( SMF ) is the French society of mathematicians.

House of the SMF at the Center International de Rencontres Mathématiques in Luminy near Marseille


The Société mathématique de France was founded in 1872 by Michel Chasles (the first president) and recognized by the state in 1888 (they are a non-profit organization in the legal form of the Association loi de 1901 ). In their statutes, published in the first volume of the Bulletin de la SMF, they declare the promotion of the sciences and pure and applied mathematics to be their goal.


The registered office of the company is the Institut Henri Poincaré , Rue Pierre et Marie Curie 11 in Paris. The SMF has its own mathematical center, comparable to the German Oberwolfach , the CIRM ( Center International de Rencontres Mathématiques ) with a library of 75,000 volumes (2017) in Luminy , a south-eastern suburb of Marseille (where the campus of the University of the Mediterranean Sea is located Aix-Marseille II is located). Around 50 international conferences and summer schools are held there every year. The SMF stores its publications in its branch in Luminy and sends them from there.


The Society does not have a large annual conference, but meets on a Sunday in mid-July for the Journée annuelle , which takes place in Paris and every two years outside of Paris and provides some lectures on topics selected annually. In addition, they regularly organize sessions de la recherche (often published in their series Panoramas et Synthèses ) and conferences with other national and international mathematician societies such as the Canadian, Spanish, Italian or US American ( AMS ) or the SMAI (Société de mathématiques) on special topics appliquées et industrielles), the French equivalent of the US SIAM founded in 1983 .


The society publishes, among other things, the Bulletin de la SMF (since 1873), the Gazette des mathématiciens (its general membership magazine), the Revue d'histoire des mathématiques (since 1995), the Annales scientifiques de l'ENS ( École normal supérieure ) and publishes the series Mémoires de la SMF (since 1964, monographs) and Astérisque (since 1973, monographs, conference reports, Bourbaki seminars). It also publishes collected works by mathematicians and, for example, reprints of the Bourbaki seminars.

Since the presidency of Jean-Pierre Bourguignon in the 1990s, it has also devoted itself increasingly to the popularization of mathematics and has awarded the Prix d'Alembert (for work that draws public attention to mathematics) and the Prix Anatole Decerf ( for mathematics education). In 2019 the SMF had around 1,800 members.



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