Carme group

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Diagram in which the orbital half-axes of the outer Jupiter moons (in million km, horizontal axis) are plotted against their orbital inclination (in °, half-arc). The sizes of the red circles are only intended to illustrate the relative lunar radii and are not to scale to the orbital elements. The yellow lines represent the space between the point closest to or farthest from Jupiter in the respective lunar orbit. Callisto is given as a reference value
Detailed view of the Carme group from the diagram above. It can be seen that the satellites of this group have orbital inclinations of 165 ° and are about 23 to 24 million km away from Jupiter

The Carme Group is a group of moons on the planet Jupiter that move in similar orbits.

The major semiaxes of their orbits run between 22.9 and 24.1 million km, have (with one exception) eccentricities between 0.21 and 0.27 and inclinations ( orbital inclinations ) between 164.9 ° and 165.5 ° against the local Laplace plane , which roughly coincides with the orbital plane of Jupiter. The moons move around the planet in a retrograde manner, i.e. against the direction of rotation of Jupiter.

The seventeen members of the group are (with increasing distance from Jupiter):

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) gives names to the retrograde moons of Jupiter with the ending e .