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Tibetan name
Tibetan script :
མཆོད་ རྟེན །
Wylie transliteration :
mchod rten
Pronunciation in IPA :
[ tɕʰøʔtẽ ]
Official transcription of the PRCh :
THDL transcription :
Other spellings:
chörten, chorten
Chinese name
Traditional :
塔 、 確 典
Simplified :
塔 、 确 典
Pinyin :
tǎ, quèdiǎn

The Chorten is a cult building of Tibetan Buddhism ; it represents the local further development of a stupa . In the areas of the Himalaya Mountains ( Tibet , Ladakh , Zanskar , Bhutan ), however, the tradition of laying stones on top of one another at certain points has existed since ancient times; Both lines of tradition seem to have merged in a chort.


The mostly whitewashed main body of the Chörten is reminiscent of the shape of an inverted bell with a round floor plan and rises on a multi-stepped substructure with a square floor plan; however, there are also chortens with a square floor plan on all levels. The top of the chörten often forms an umbrella of honor ( chhatra ), from which strings with attached colorful prayer flags are stretched in all directions, which are moved by the wind.


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