Christoph Aegidius von Negelein

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Christoph Giles Negelein (* 1668 in Nuremberg , † 1746 ) was mayor in Königsberg .

His father Hanns Negelein married Magdalena Mangold in 1662. Hanns Negelein and Magdalena had the following children: Christoph Egidius, Johann Hi (e) ronymus, Maria Magdalena, Margarethe and Zacharias. All were born in Nuremberg but went to northern Germany. Christoph Aegidius went to Königsberg, Johann Hieronimus (Jean Jerome) to Holstein (Kiel) and became a Privy Councilor there, Zacharias went to Brandenburg as a banker.

Christoph Aegidius Negelein was landlord of Weßlienen and Rödersdorf (East Prussia) and mayor of Königsberg Kneiphof from ~ 1710 to 1724.

On August 19, 1724, Negelein, who was already the Royal Prussian Privy Councilor, was raised to the Prussian hereditary nobility. Previously, he had renounced to become the first mayor of Koenigsberg and asked the king to be released from civil service.

He was married to Christina geb. Falk. Their daughter Luisa Christine (1692–1736) was the mother of Christoph Friedrich von Derschau . Her son Julius Aegidius (1706–1772) became vice-president of the court court and at the same time was raised to the nobility with his father. With Christina he had four children. After the death of his first wife, Negelein married Helena Juliana b. Guenther; with this he had six more children.

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