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Abu l-Jaish Chumarawaih ibn Ahmad ( Arabic أبو الجيش خماروية بن أحمد, DMG Abū l-Ǧaiš Ḫumārawaya b. Aḥmad ; * 864 ; † February 896 in Damascus ) was the second ruler of the Tulunids in Egypt . He ruled from 884 to 896.

Soon after taking over the government of Ahmad ibn Tulun , Chumarawaih had to deal with the resurgent Abbasids . They had recaptured northern Syria. After prolonged fighting, in which Chumarawaih had the upper hand, at least in Syria , a compromise with the Abbasids was reached. Chumarawaih waived claims in Mesopotamia and agreed to the payment of tributes . For this, Caliph al-Mutadid (892–902) recognized the rule of the Tulunids in Egypt and Syria and married a daughter of Chumarawaihs.

In the following years Chumarawaih had to deal with the increasingly arbitrary army emirs of the troops. But this did not prevent him from starting extensive construction work and indulging in a splendid court life. However, this ruined the state finances. Chumarawaih was murdered by a servant in Damascus in February 896. He was succeeded by his sons Abu l-Asakir (896) and Harun (896-904).

predecessor Office successor
Ahmad ibn Tulun Ruler of Egypt ( Tulunid dynasty )
Abu al-Asakir