Civilization: A Personal View

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Television broadcast
German title Civilization - The Culture of the Occident
Original title Civilization: A Personal View
Country of production Great Britain
original language English
Year (s) 1969 (Great Britain)
1977 (Germany)
length 50 minutes
Episodes 13 in 1 season ( list )
genre Documentary , history , education
First broadcast February 23, 1969 (GB) on BBC Two
first broadcast
Fall 1977

" Civilization: A Personal View " (or " Civilization " for short ) is a documentary produced by the BBC that dealt with the (cultural) history of the western world since the early Middle Ages in thirteen episodes . It was first broadcast on BBC Two in 1969. Kenneth Clark was responsible for the series , who wrote it, guided through the show and in 1969 also published the book of the same name, "Civilization: A Personal View". The German TV version was broadcast under the title "Civilization - Die Kultur des Abendlands" in autumn 1977, the book edition is entitled "Glorie des Abendlandes" (translator: Thomas Monrad).

"Civilizations" will follow the series in 2018. This new series will cover the whole world (as opposed to just the western world), and present Mary Beard .

Civilization was one of the UK's earliest color documentaries and one of the first major BBC Two productions, directed by David Attenborough . The format in which Clark traveled through Western Europe and North America to illustrate his theses (he himself describes in the foreword to the book publication that - during the Cold War - different places were inaccessible, others could not really be captured by the camera or too loud for were a sound recording), the template for a number of other productions such as For example: " The Ascent of Man " by Jacob Bronowski , " Life on Earth " (and subsequent series) by David Attenborough, James Burke's "Connections", "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan , "Royal Heritage" by Huw Wheldon , and more ; but also German series such as the BR production "The Heritage of the Wittelsbachers - Legacy of a European Dynasty" by Helmut Dotter Weich u. a.

One of the stated goals of the series was to be a showcase for color television. For technical reasons, the conversion for BBC2 was made before BBC1.

The series was re-broadcast on BBC Four and has been available on DVD since 2005. The German version, on the other hand, was not repeated and also not published on DVD. The following German episode titles therefore follow the book edition, which - unlike the English original - is not identical to the TV version.

Episode overview

Note : The links lead to articles that contain information on the time epochs covered in the respective episode.

  1. The Skin of our Teeth ; dt .: We got away with it again
  2. The Great Thaw ; German: The great thaw
  3. Romance and reality ; German: romance and reality
  4. Man - the Measure of All Things ; dt .: Man - the measure of all things
  5. The Hero as Artist ; dt .: The hero as an artist
  6. Protest and Communication ; German: Protest and communication
  7. Grandeur and obedience ; German: greatness and obedience
  8. The Light of Experience ; dt .: The light of experience
  9. The Pursuit of Happiness ; German: The pursuit of happiness
  10. The Smile of Reason ; German: The smile of reason
  11. The Worship of Nature ; dt .: The adoration of nature
  12. The Fallacies of Hope ; German: The deceptive hopes
  13. Heroic Materialism ; German: The heroic materialism

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  1. Civilization: A Personal View - DVD set, disc 4 (Extra features - David Attenborough talks about the development of Civilization).

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