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Clara Sporleder (* 1880 ; † 1955 ) was a German painter and graphic artist.


Clara Sporleder worked in Düsseldorf from around 1905 . She was a member of the German Association of Artists .


Sporleder became known through children's pictures, which were very popular as art postcards, among others, by the publishers Hermann A. Wiechmann in Munich and Meissner & Buch in Leipzig, and were very popular between 1910 and 1930. At the beginning, her painting style was still committed to late impressionism . However, she soon turned to Art Nouveau, using elements of calligraphy and book artrecorded. During this creative phase, the children's pictures, which are characteristic of her oeuvre to this day, were created, in which the viewer not only encounters natural lightness in a subtle way, but also deep melancholy and sadness. In her pictures taken during and immediately after the First World War, toddlers can often be found as angels protecting newborns. The superficially carefree cuteness of their motifs can be seen as a reflection of the violence experienced during the First World War. The clothes represented are assigned to the upper class of the empire, which became obsolete with the war. In spite of the ostensible prosperity, a central aspect of the virulent social question at this time is brought into focus with the discussion of child mortality. Since the 1920s, expressionist influences can also be found in her work . Her pictures were shown in exhibitions between 1910 and 1930, including in the Kunstpalast Düsseldorf , and were marketed by various gallery owners such as L. van Hees in Saarbrücken and the Heinrich Wegerhoff art dealer in Recklinghausen .

Works (selection)

  • Heralds of Spring , oil on canvas, around 1910.
  • In the storm , oil on canvas, around 1910 (also as an art postcard).
  • The kiss on the hand , oil on wood, around 1910.
  • Guarded by angels , oil on panel, around 1910.
  • Madonna in Roses , oil on panel, around 1910.
  • The song of the nightingale oil on wood, around 1910.
  • Two dancing girls , oil on cardboard, 1919 (L. van Hees painting exhibition, No. 1909, October 1919).
  • Child in the poppies , oil on canvas, around 1925 (also as an art postcard).


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