Claus Hinrich Witten

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Claus Hinrich Witten (born June 23, 1811 in Schmalenbeck ; † February 2, 1877 there ) was a German farmer and Vogt in Schmalenbeck.


Witten took over the mill property in Schmalenbeck from his father in 1841. He stopped operating the water mill in the 1840s and tore down the mill building. The windmill burned down in a fire in 1869 and was never rebuilt. Witten was active in agriculture and ran an inn .

From 1856 to 1872 Witten Vogt was in Schmalenbeck and also from 1864 to 1868 an appraisal citizen for the rural area.

Witten was a member of the Hamburg citizenship from 1859 to 1862 .


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