Colorado Ranger

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Colorado Ranger
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Important data
Origin: United States
Main breeding area: USA and Jordan (Royal Stud in Amman)
Distribution: United States
Stick measure : Average 157 cm
Colors : Tiger piebald & all horse colors
Main application area: Riding and driving horse

The Colorado Ranger [also (Colorado) Rangerbred ] is an American horse breed that often has a tiger spotting. The Rangerbred enjoys a regionally limited popularity as a leisure or work horse, especially in the western area.

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The Colorado Ranger Horse is a noble workhorse with strong hindquarters and dry limbs. Most representatives of the breed are piebald, but as a consequence of line breeding, all horse colors are allowed. They reach an average height of 157 cm and are therefore among the large horses .


Rangerbreds are extremely tough, persistent and easy-to-feed horses with a high level of motivation. They usually have a calm and friendly nature, have strong nerves, calm and very capable of learning.

Breeding history

In 1878 the General and later President of the United States Ulysses S. Grant received two stallions as a gift from the Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamid II during his visit to Constantinople : the Siglavy-Gidran - Arabian Leopard and the Berber Linden Tree . Initially, these valuable horses were used in Virginia as breeding stallions for the breeding of light draft horses. Later they came to Nevada , where the breeding of horses in stock type (see Quarter Horse ) based on these two stallion lines was continued. As a result of consistent line breeding, today's representatives of the breed all go back to these two stallions.

One can speak of the breed Colorado Ranger Horse since 1934, when the Colorado State University , which scientifically supervised the breeding of these horses at the time, suggested this naming. The Colorado Ranger Horse Association (CRHA) was founded in 1935; and is one of the oldest breeding associations in the USA. Every horse recognized by the CRHA must have two descendants of Leopard and Linden Tree, namely Max # 2 and / or Patches # 1, as the progenitors of this breed.

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