Cor Scorpii

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Cor Scorpii
General information
Genre (s) Extreme metal
founding 2004
Current occupation
Thomas S. Øvstedal
Erlend Nybo
Rhythm guitar
Sjøthun rune
Inge Jonny Lomheim
Gaute Refsnes
Ole "Vargon" Nordsve
former members
Jørn Holen
Stian Bakket Dough

Cor Scorpii ( lat . 'Heart of the Scorpion') is an extreme metal band from Sogndal in Norway . Alongside Vreid and Mistur, it is a follow-up band to Windir . Cor Scorpii is another name for Antares , the 16th brightest star in the sky. The name was chosen by the members because, in their opinion, it has a mysterious and atmospheric charisma and fits the music and lyrics of the band. The texts are written in Norwegian and English.

Band history

After the death of Windir founder Terje "Valfar" Bakken, ulcus and Windir keyboardist Gaute Refsnes founded his own band Cor Scorpii at the end of 2004. He was joined by his former fellow musicians Stian Bakketeig (lead guitar) and Jørn Holen (drums), the line-up was supplemented by Thomas Øvstedal (vocals), Rune Sjøthun (rhythm guitar) and Inge Jonny Lomheim (bass). In July 2005 the band played their first demo recording in Studio 1184 and the Amla Metal Studio. Attergangar was “Demo of the Month” in German Metal Hammer and caught the attention of Descent Productions. After the release, Holen had to leave the band due to family reasons and obligations in the band Vreid - another of Windir's successors. Towards the end of 2006 he was replaced by Ole "Vargon" Nordsve (Celebratum, The Embraced, ex-Hellstorm).

In July / August 2007 their first album Monument was recorded and mixed in Børge Finstad's Top Room Studio; It was mastered in the Tailor Maid studio. It was released in 2008. In 2008 Cor Scorpii played at Norwegian metal festivals, including the Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo.

In January 2010 Cor Scorpii announced that guitarist Stian “Strom” Bakketeig had left the band after joining Vreid and not having enough time for Cor Scorpii. In June 2010 the band Erlend announced Nybø as Strom's successor.

Musical style

Compared to Vreid, Windir's legacy is much more pronounced at Cor Scorpii, even if none of the band members was involved in Windir's songwriting. However, there are clear differences. The folk influences characteristic of Windir have been replaced by classical ones, a stylistic innovation compared to Windir is the use of a classical piano. Gaute Refsnes names bands like Emperor , Limbonic Art , Death , Obtained Enslavement , Satyricon and Burzum as well as composers like Sergei Prokofiev , Edvard Grieg , Sergei Rachmaninov and Erik Satie as significant influences . In their lyrics, the band deals with the darker side of the human soul. Refsnes names revenge, hatred, death and the decline of the world as examples of her subjects, but does not explain his texts in detail. It is important that the lyrics correspond to the atmosphere of the song; therefore some texts are in Norwegian and others in English.


  • Attergangar (2005, demo )
  • Monument (2008)

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