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The company Cosack & Co. was a puddling , rolling and wire mill in Hamm, Westphalia . In 1873 it became part of the Westfälische Union AG as the largest and most important plant .


Cosack & Co. had Josef Cosack and Friedrich Wilhelm Brökelmann from Neheim and the merchants Karl Fuhrmann and Felix Schürmann from Hamm as partners . In August 1853 they bought land near the train station in Hamm and built a puddling and rolling mill there with an attached wire drawing shop and iron foundry. This broader basis, which combined all production steps from ironmaking to the end product in one plant, was considered innovative. The location was also favorably chosen because Hamm already had excellent rail connections: it had been connected to the main line of the Cologne-Mindener Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft since 1847 and to the Hamm – Warburg line from 1850 .

In 1858 there were 12 puddle ovens, 5 welding ovens, bell hammers and rollers, as well as a large wire rolling mill with wire drawing shop. Almost 300 workers were employed. In 1873 there were 28 puddle and 9 welding furnaces as well as 6 roller mills. In total, including the wire drawing shop and foundry, there were then 700 workers in the plant. Products were bar iron, wire rod, telegraph wire, fine wires for ropes and cables, boiler and bridge rivets and finally wagon axles and similar forgings. 2/3 of the sales were made abroad (Europe and overseas).

Josef Cosack, who had been the sole owner since 1865, sold his work to Westfälische Union AG in 1873 . The plant in Hamm became the core of the company. As a successor, the plants now belong to Böhler-Uddeholm and are part of the route of industrial culture - brine, steam and coal .


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