Cosmowarrior Zero

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Anime television series
title Cosmo Warrior Zero
Original title コ ス モ ウ ォ ー リ ア ー 零
transcription Kosumo Wōriā Zero
Country of production JapanJapan Japan
original language Japanese
year 2001
Studio Vega Entertainment
length 25 minutes
Episodes 15th
genre Science fiction
Director Kazuyoshi Yokota
First broadcast June 21, 2001 on TV Tokyo

Cosmowarrior Zero ( Japanese コ ス モ ウ ォ ー リ ア ー 零 ) is an anime television seriesproduced in 2001that was conceivedas a continuation of theseries The Adventures of the Fantastic Space Pirate Captain Harlock ,produced inthe late 1970s based on the manga series by Leiji Matsumoto .


The long war between planet earth and the machine men is finally over, but the machine men have triumphed. Warrius Zero lost his family in the war against the machinists, but he's still a member of the Earth fleet that now works with the machinists. His ship, which consists of both humans and machine men, has been given an almost impossible task: to capture the space pirate Captain Harlock, who is still disrupting the rule of the new masters of the earth. As Zero struggles to complete this mission, evidence emerges that the peace between Machine Men and Earth may not be what it seems.

Production and publication

The anime was created at the Enoki Films , Tsuburaya Eizo and Vega Entertainment studios and directed by Kazuyoshi Yokota . The main author was Dr Serial Nishioka and the character design was created by Keisuke Masunaga . The artistic direction was Makoto Dobashi and Taizaburō Abe . The mecha design comes from Katsumi Itabashi and Katsuyuki Tamura and the responsible producers were Kazuhito Imanishi, Shunji Namiki and Tomoyuki Imai.

The series was released in two parts. The first two episodes were released on June 21, 2001 as a prelude under the title Young Harlock o Oe! Cosmowarrior Zero Gaiden aired. The remaining 13 episodes were then shown from July 7 to September 29, 2001 by TV Tokyo in Japan. A German subtitled version was released on DVD by Anime Virtual in 2002 and 2003 . In addition, the anime has been translated into English, Korean, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Tagalog.


role Japanese speaker ( seiyū )
Captain Warrius Zero Toshiyuki Morikawa
Harlock Eiji Takemoto
Marina Oki Aya Hisakawa
Emeraldas Kikuko Inoue
Tochiro Tomohiro Nishihara
grenadier Hidenari Ugaki
Silviana Kaori
Nohara Kouhei Owada
Umihara Nobuaki Sekine
Ishikura Souichiro Hoshi
Rai Tadashi Miyazawa
Dr. Machine Takashi Matsuyama
Battlizer Yoshiaki Matsumoto
Yattaran Yoshiaki Matsumoto


The opening title is Jidai , sung by Geminiart High Quality and composed by Miyuki Nakajima. The closing song The book of life was composed by Emiko Shiratori and sung by Shiratori Emiko.

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