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Crisse 2009 at the comic festival in Sollies Ville

Crisse is the pseudonym of the Belgian comic artist Didier Chrispeels (born February 26, 1958 in Brussels ).

His career began in 1979 with Ocean's King for Spirou magazine , followed by the Nahomi series for Tintin . He drew Nahomi until 1987. With Jacky Goupil he worked on the fantasy series L'Épée de Cristal (German crystal sword , published by Carlsen Comic ). For Éditions Soleil , he drew several series, including Atalante and Kookaburra (German published by Splitter ). As a lyricist, he participated in Phaeton by Serge Fino, Private Ghost Serge Carrère, tiny by Marc N'Guessan (dt. At Finix Comics published) and others.

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