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Crixus , also Krixos , († 72 BC ) was one of the leaders of the slaves in the Third Slave War (also known as the Spartacus Uprising).

Presumably Crixus was a Gaul . His name was interpreted from the Gallic as "The curly-headed". It is believed that he fought for the Allobrogians against the Romans. After his capture he was trained as a gladiator like Spartacus in Capua . Crixus is the most famous companion of Spartacus. In literature and film he was often portrayed as a loyal friend of Spartacus.

After the successful start of the slave revolt with several victories over Roman troops, there was possibly a dispute or disagreement between Spartacus and Crixus. Anyway, they parted. While Spartacus probably wanted to go back to the homelands of the slaves in the Balkans or to Gaul and Germania, Crixus is said to have preferred to stay in Italy (with looting and raids on Roman towns). While the majority of the slaves moved with Spartacus, 20,000–30,000 insurgents followed Crixus. They were born in the spring of 72 BC. Defeated by Roman units under Lucius Gellius Publicola . At the later burial of Crixus, Spartacus forced 300 Roman prisoners of war to fight against each other as gladiators in the style of the Romans before the escaped slaves (many of whom had previously been forced to fight as gladiators).


In Spartacus (1960) embodied John Ireland , in Spartacus (2004) Paul Kynman the role of Crixus. He is portrayed by Manu Bennett in the 2010 television series Spartacus .



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