Cross over

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Cross over was a music festival and a competition event for young up-and-coming bands and musicians, which was held every spring in the Thuringian district town of Meiningen from 2003 onwards . Cross over was initiated and organized by Susanne Klapka from Meiningen.


The competition for young talent is divided into the three categories of Hiphop , Rock & Pop and Freestyle , with the Freestyle category dividing those bands and musicians who cannot be classified in one of the other two categories due to their style. These are, for example, musical styles such as Gothic Rock , Grunge or Blues . The festival aims to create a platform for young, newly founded and still relatively unknown bands and musicians to present themselves to the public and to assess their own abilities in competition with other bands. All young bands and musicians from all over Germany who have not yet had any major success or music or record productions could apply.

The winner was able to record a CD in a recording studio until 2008 . From 2009 the winner took part in the “Thuringia Grammy”. All other participants are accompanied in their further development by experienced musicians and are given the opportunity to perform in front of larger audiences at regional events.

Award winners

  • 2003: Premiere, no award winners yet
  • 2004: Fridays free (since 2009 Mrs. Frizzle ), University of Erfurt (rock)
  • 2005: Logjam from Meiningen (Rock & Blues) and Cherry Hill from Stedtlingen (Hiphop)
  • 2006: Old Slush from Schmalkalden (Rock & Pop) and Confusion in progress from Themar (Freestyle)
  • 2007: Le Freak from Erfurt (Rock & Pop) and Kackstift from Dermbach (Freestyle)
  • 2008: Intro from Oberhof (Rock & Pop)
  • 2009: Riplay from Trusetal (Rock & Pop)
  • 2010: Moan from Ilmenau (Rock & Pop)
  • 2011: Gruenschnabel from Bad Salzungen (Rock & Pop)
  • 2012: Exited Rain from Schmalkalden (Rock & Pop)