DB with a kick

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DB with a kick

Area of ​​Expertise Deutsche Bahn
language German
publishing company Senator-Verlag (Germany)
First edition 1957
attitude 1986
Editor-in-chief Helmut Lichtenfeld
editor German Federal Railroad
ZDB 539980-4

DB mit Pfiff was a customer magazine of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB), which was published by Senator-Verlag from 1957 to the end of 1986 and was aimed at older students. On the part of DB, it was intended as an advertisement for male young people who were to be motivated to start a career at DB.

Frequency of publication

The press service of the Bundesbahn head office acted as the publisher . The magazine was also a product of the reorientation of the railway when Heinz Maria Oeftering took office as Federal Railway President in 1957. The magazine appeared five to six times a year, between 1973 and 1983 only four times a year. For the anniversary, 125 years railway in Germany 1960, a special issue was published. In 1986 the magazine was discontinued. It went up in the customer magazine Blickpunkt . There was no longer any recruiting for new talent, and DB's workforce was reduced. The contributions often came from DB employees, but the editor-in-chief was the owner of Senator-Verlag, Helmut Lichtenfeld (born March 13, 1915 in Essen , † January 2, 2003 in Hofheim am Taunus ).

target group

The magazine was intended to inspire young people between the ages of 14 and 18 to start their careers at DB. At that time - in keeping with the zeitgeist - mainly young men were addressed . Girls rarely appear in the illustrations . The magazine encouraged to railway stations , factory equipment of the railway and technology museums to visit and work up results together. This was also served by the “ Pfiff Club ”, whose members - there were up to 25,000 - received ID cards with which entry into the depot and similar facilities was granted, where photos could be taken and reports written.


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